Vertical cartoner


Linear intermittent motion, balcony style cartoning machine

Cartons magazine with horizontal loading of the product and with a big autonomy

Horizontal cartons pick up, transfer to vertical position and positive opening of the carton (both right- and left-side)

Belt transport system and flap folders do not cause any damage to the product

Cartons exit onto a conveyor belt at continuous motion with control and ejection of the empty cartons

Simple and fast size change-over, max. time 15 min

Basic machine is set with manual product feed

Possibility to have the following optional units, which can be combined according to the customer’s needs:

Automatic product introduction unit by Pick and Place

Erecting units and insertion of the in liner, with control of the correct position

Leaflet introduction unit

Embossing and other kinds of coding units

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Speed 70 boxes/min
Carton Dimension A20~120mm, B20~120mm, C60~210mm
Machine Dimension L4000*D1750*H1750mm



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